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Keith Waddell


Bass Trombone

Year Joined:


Banding History:

Played with Monktonhall Colliery, Bathgate, Broxburn & Livingston, Bo’ness


2nd Section National Champions  - Bathgate

National Mineworkers 1st Section Champions - Bathgate


Best Ever Performance:

The winning ones!!

Worst Ever Performance:

All the ones where you know you went on and played it safe.

Favourite Test Piece:

Year of the Dragon & Partita – both by Philip Sparke

Least Favourite Test Piece:

Don’t think I have one – maybe Prague


Never played in the Albert Hall yet!!


Is there time for anything else as well as being in a band and having a child?

Other Interesting Facts:

This is the one where you tell people you play in a brass band so nothing else really springs to mind.