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Gordon McFarlane


Bumper up (usually) – back on top chair till the summer though.

Year Joined:

Junior band – 1975, Senior Band - 1982

Banding History:

Got a life sentence at BCB


Won the Terris medal at age 17 (long, long time ago!!!)

Best Ever Performance:

Forth Valley Contest 1993 – English Heritage – the day our “young” band came of age and won the contest with 2 & a half players in the front row!

Worst Ever Performance:

Grand Shield 1997 – the infamous Bolton incident

Favourite Test Piece:

Year of the Dragon and Essence of Time

Least Favourite Test Piece:

The Undaunted and Prague


To see BCB back at the top of Scottish banding.


Too much of a band geek to have time for anything else.

Other Interesting Facts:

During my time as a principal cornet, both Jim Sheppard and Roger Webster have played bumper up for me.  Told you I was a band geek!!!